Wednesday, 18 March 2009

No means No

In danger of ending up like a female Victor Meldrew, yesterday was one of those days when I could have chanted hourly...'I don't believe it'.  

Is it just me or are people today programmed to challenge absolutely EVERYTHING?  There was a time when 'No that isn't possible' followed by an explanation as to why that isn't possible, meant 'NO THAT ISN'T POSSIBLE', not 'Well I don't like that answer so I'll go to someone else until I get an answer I like'.  Attitude?  Everyone is hustling and hassling.  Is it just the current climate of uncertainty or has the new generation been born with a new gene called 'Chall engger Every thingoso'? 

Yesterday my energy was zapped by just clearing up the wake of tidal wave of misinformation that was casually released by someone before they engaged their brain.  There is a business plan and a process in place to ensure a fair and due process is in place to protect EVERYONE. PFhhh Honestly....  Rant over... I am off to boil my head...

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