Wednesday, 18 March 2009

And another day dawns

Reborn, re-earthed and ready to catch up with a good friend, the tribulations of yesterday are but a mist of smudged 

I met up with dear Gilli the editor of Muse mag and we chewed over the fat, or not, as we chose to pop along to the delightful new cafe called Pick more Daisies.  It does not pretend to be vegetarian as it also offers some tempting meat dishes, but the vegetarian options are too good to pass on.  The theme of this tiny cafe, which cannot serve more than 36 covers in one sitting, is distressed Kitch with a real, if not slightly hippy feel to it.   The Decor is a cool white interior with sign written motto's, sayings and announcements on the walls.  Everything is spotless which blends perfectly with the red and white ornaments, pots and Nick knacks dotted around, all of which are for sale.  Scandinavian simplicity dominates in the use of gingham's, stripes and spotted fabrics, embellished with applique hearts and flowers. The food however is a completely different matter.  

The choice was made all the more difficult by the wonderful array of 'tarts' on offer.  Savory tarts with melting mouth watering fillings blended with a selection of seasonings worthy of a Michelin chef and the presentation was stunningly simply, yet appetising and delightful.  The whole layout of this little gem reminds me of some of the veggie cafes in Bristol in Clifton Village or along the walls, down by St. Batholomew's.

For the starter I chose a five fruit, freshly juiced drink, consisting of Bramley apple, pineapple,   fresh lemon, carrot and celery, the meld of flavours and quantities perfectly blended to create a naturally sweet refreshing drink.  Gilli ordered the watercress, broccoli and celery soup with bread and croutons.  As I am on a diet and Gilli was full after her soup, on recommendation from the waitress, we shared a slice of savory nut and carrot pie with a hint of curry served with a bowl of salad.  I adore pies and tarts in almost any guise and have tasted most combinations and concocted many original mixes of ingredients, but I can honestly say with hand on appliqued heart that this was an award winning pie of orgasmic gravitas.  Never in all my born days have I tasted anything like this.  The appeal and the pull is like that from a chapter of the novel Chocolat, for it was the waitress who recommended it to me after some reflection, the perfect match between diner and dish!
After the Luscombe farm lemon and Elderflower juice, we both vowed to revisit this little tucked away gem as often as the LBS would allow.

I asked for the recipe but was informed it was being kept a secret until the launch of their cookbook.  So until then I am going to try and replicate the quantity, blend and mix of the filling.  I suspect there will be many disappointments but plenty of excuses to revisit in an attempt to determine the recipe.
Sam is due to visit in April for a few culinary days and more than a few alcoholic nights - the champagne is on ice as I type -  but this will definitely be on the places of interest to visit. 

I may just get withdrawal symptoms and have to visit with notebook and pen beside me to record the ingredients through dissection.


Kristen In London said...

Orgasmic gravitas, Foxi? I just don't know how to put in ORDER the images that come to mind with that one, and food... isn't high on the list! But this place sounds a winner. I will be so envious of you and Sam living it up.

Kristen In London said...

and the juice sounds lovely!

Foxi Rosie said...

It was simply divine. If you come down to visit me for more than a day, Pick more daisies will be on the list. The choice was very difficult. Clearly it didn't have the finesse of a michelin restaurant, but the blend of seasonings and ingredients fell out in layers; an experience. The portions are huge though but I guess because it is all low calorie (apart from the nuts and the pastry!), a little over indulgence is allowed. Have you tasted any Luscombe farm juice products? Do, if you get a chance, the lemon was divine. I love their ice cream too.

Kristen In London said...

I'm devoted to Luscombe farm juice when I can find it. Off now to the farmer's market for Chegworth Valley juice, pears and apples.

Linda Tazzyman said...

Thank you so much for your amazing comments regarding my restaurant and our Carrot and Pinenut Pie.

Would you give me permission to use the content of your review? I would love to send this to our local paper?

Kind regards

Foxi Rosie said...

Of course Linda, it would be my pleasure. You may note in a later post, that during our cookery writers reunion, it was in a Mexican standoff against the Richard Corrigan recipe of Crab Tart, in itself a sheer delight. However, a resounding 1st place went to the Carrot and Pinenut pie, the group was in unison.