Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Prequel to Cannes independent film networking event

A date for your diary... It's back... The Prequel to Cannes 2012 Independent film networking event, is bigger and better, now over two days of action packed activities for Writers, Actors, Film Folk, Film Crew as well as coming face to face with Corporate clients who use Film folk.

The Next Prequel to Cannes film, television and theatre networking event is on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th February 2012 at Lighthouse Poole, Dorset. Tickets go on sale through Lighthouse Box Office 0844 406 8666 just in time for some last minute Christmas or New Year presents.

Follow us on Twitter @prequel2cannes for the latest updates and breaking news.

This is an established and successful top notch event with professional support from industry led consultants, accredited film folk, creative agencies, organisations and guilds. A must for all those who need to talk about or secure collaboration, knowledge or interest, funding or advice about their film, television or theatre projects.

An action packed two day line-up, kicking off with 'Pitch Factor' a Masterclass with Lucy V from Bang2write. Then there is a great opportunity to put into practice your knowledge and 'Pitch to the Panel' for the 'Pitch Pot Prize fund' with a guaranteed minimum amount of £50 to the victor.

There will be two other Masterclasses about writing and directing for film and television, with jobbing writer and organiser of Tony Jordan's Red Planet Prize, Danny Stack; one thing you can be sure about is that Danny will tell it as it is, as well as bring structure to your writing career and give you hope that true writing talent coupled with hard work will always shine through.

Prequel to Cannes has teamed up with Dramatic Productions to be able to offer semi-professional or professional actors the opportunity to be 'spotted' during the photo shoots or screen tests, and actors who show great promise or charisma will be invited back on Thursday for a free audition. (Please note that it is not a pre-requisite to have any of the photographic services on offer to be considered for Agency representation; the low cost service is being provided for actors in an attempt to aid their careers).

At a very reasonable cost, Prequel to Cannes has teamed up with London Fashion photographer Ben Trill and Esther Yarnold of Interim, to provide an opportunity to have Black and White head and shoulder photographs taken, that will be suitable for Spotlight. In addition, actors who do not already have a screen test reel (this is not a show reel but a rehearsed piece to camera), will be able to perform a screen test and keep this record for their existing portfolios. The successful visual artist and stylist Hazel Evans, will be on hand to give last minute advice and hints on styling for photographs.

Dramatic Productions will open their Agency books, in an active search to represent new acting talent for film, theatre and corporate work. Prequel to Cannes is delighted to support Dramatic Productions as they launch their new Actors' Agency during the gala packed evening on Wednesday 8th February 2012. Meet the actors, talk to Sasha about her Agency plans and projects and learn how she can help to support your film or business projects.

In honour of the prolific and successful television, film and theatre writer Jeremy Paul, Creative Thoughts Productions is delighted to launch the Jeremy Paul Award for Theatre Writing. Full details will be available on the night of Wednesday 8th February 2012.

A whole host of fantastic activities will take place in and around the Cinema, with the Cinema Bar being at the centre of the networking hub. The cinema will be the focus for some exceptional sessions you will not want to miss.

If you have ever asked yourself one or more of these four questions then this session will be for you: 1) Why should I go to Cannes festival? 2) Do I need accreditation? 3) What do I need to take with me? 4) How much is it likely to cost? You will be able to discover the real facts about getting to Cannes from three Festival veterans, who between them have a string of nominations and awards.

Meet A. D. Cooper the 2009 winner of the Prequel to Cannes short film script competition, Alice has directed her winning script and her film 'The view from the window' currently in post-production. London based Alice, has already received international recognition in New York and Cannes, for her other short film called 'Feet'.

A showreel will showcase some of the leading film talent from across the South and Suzy Wheeler, sister of the uber cool from Strawberry Fields represents, will be on hand to tell you about an exciting new film venture happening in Bournemouth in 2012. White Lantern Film will also be available to talk about their monthly B-Reel film events held at the Dance Pavilion in Bournemouth.

It promises to be one heck of a two day feast... Join us even if it is on Thursday night at the Mafia style Meltdown networking meal...

The full 2 day programme will be available to download soon... please note this is an over 18's film industry event.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Prequel to Cannes blogspot

Remember for those who would like to follow me on my other blog, it is called Prequel to Cannes. See you there...

R with best wishes...

The Prequel and Sequel to Cannes Feature film script competition

And a new day dawns...

Congratulations to the winners of the Prequel and Sequel to Cannes feature film script competition. A closely fought dual over the first prize was brought to a nail-biting conclusion.

1st Prize £500 for 'Faith' by Dom Carver and 2nd Prize £100 for 'Since you've been gone' by Lisa Barrass.

Our best wishes from all the judges and staff at HQ... Submissions are now being accepted for the 2011/12 short and feature film script. Get writing, you have to be in it to win it!...

Thursday, 7 April 2011

New Blog

It would be wonderful if all my previous followers would like to follow me on my new blog.

The sifting of ashes has been a great learning curve for me in the life of blogs... the main purpose of creating it was to kick start my daily writing regime, muse over the filling that goes into the stuffing of my daily writing. But life took over and I was thwacked by the everyday wand... you know the one that jumps out of the cupboard every morning and threatens to give you a good beating before you can actually get on with anything you want to do...

I have had time to reflect on the main message and purpose of the blog so finally I know, I hope I have found its purpose, so now I just need to master my voice.... please join me if you will on this journey and if you chose to jump ship, I thank you for your contributions, encouragement and support...

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Well, well, well

Who would have thought that the year turned out as it did? It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, which found me hanging on for grim death at one point, while all about me fell apart.

May found me meeting up with all my foodie friends in a beautiful barn in Rye, Sussex and a spring wardrobe, not a jacket or coat in my case, only to find that on the Tuesday it snowed and I was racing around Tenterden in a cardi trying to find any shop that had a warm coat... Joules came up trumps and I didn't have the coat off my back for the entire holiday... then I came home to Dorset a week later to a mini heat wave.

It was a repreive from the ongoing saga of the bathroom, which was finally resolved by Team 3 in October, on account of the first one man team cocked up, the second two man team (one of which experienced a severe lapse in judgement) which resulted in my brand new furniture and fittings ending up Bukshee in someone elses personal development project; they thought I would never know or find out... I am a writer for the Lord's sake... it is my job to be nosy and uncover and discover the light and shade on the road to resolution... it is just in some people the dark side lies beneath and surface, nestled in their ego which they are only too happy to share! The motto? Builders beware... so the third team was sent in to clear up and clear off, eventually resulting in a full refund and a bathroom that was usable and finished to a high standard; true eleven months later than promised but none-the-less vacated and finished.

So what good has come out of this fluff and stuff? Plans for a 2012 Calendar with artsy friends called 'Water Babies', which will not only help to promote artists around the local area, but will raise some funds for a clean water charity too. It is all to do with the Ying and Yang of life...

My two film script competitions have been well and truly launched, having been endorsed by the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook under the competitions listings, I am revisiting my cookbook and knocking it into shape for submission to an agent and after attending the London Screenwriters' Festival in October, I am also totally rewriting one of my rom-coms. So all in all the events and projects I can control have taken a turn for the better, or worked their way nearer to some kind of resolution.

Christmas is here and I have managed to find time to revisit my blog... The only temporary annoyance is that my new phone does not want to upload my images, so photo's will follow at some stage. I am also thinking of totally revamping the look and appeal and maybe even the purpose of the blog, but for that I need more time to set aside.

So for the moment, I wish you all a very happy, healthy and blessed Seasonal break and good fortune in 2011.

From Foxi with love...

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Coming Soon

The Witch is back... after a long break and months filled with everything to take me away from my blog... I'm back. No I haven't been in prison, on a secret overseas mission from M or unblocking the drains following my disastrous bathroom installation, just stuck in the fast lane with my foot firmly glued to the accelerator pedal, trying to move into the slow lane and take the slip road off to a place called Sanity.

Watch this space.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Home is where the heart is...

As much as one might enjoy home cooking, there are occasions when eating out is just soooo good. I must declare the reason I enjoy eating at home is because I know exactly where my ingredients are sourced. So if I do venture out, I want to ensure that the experience will be memorable on the food front at least. I have yet to be disappointed with the menu on offer at pick more daisies in Wimborne. The staff and service is faultless, the food stunning and the surrounding a bit quirky and reminiscent of the best type of clean hippy offerings available in Bristol, Camden or Glastonbury. Honest food served with imagination and flair. Check it out.

Sometimes simple is best. Well sourced food, perfectly cooked, well presented, just makes for a wonderful experience. Pick More Daisies has to be one of my most favourite local places to indulge in good food, friendly service and remarkable prices. Again this year I will be ordering the Pinenut tart to take to our foodie reunion in May, near Rye.

Divine, simple, good food, Scandinavian shaker charm.