Sunday, 26 December 2010

Well, well, well

Who would have thought that the year turned out as it did? It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, which found me hanging on for grim death at one point, while all about me fell apart.

May found me meeting up with all my foodie friends in a beautiful barn in Rye, Sussex and a spring wardrobe, not a jacket or coat in my case, only to find that on the Tuesday it snowed and I was racing around Tenterden in a cardi trying to find any shop that had a warm coat... Joules came up trumps and I didn't have the coat off my back for the entire holiday... then I came home to Dorset a week later to a mini heat wave.

It was a repreive from the ongoing saga of the bathroom, which was finally resolved by Team 3 in October, on account of the first one man team cocked up, the second two man team (one of which experienced a severe lapse in judgement) which resulted in my brand new furniture and fittings ending up Bukshee in someone elses personal development project; they thought I would never know or find out... I am a writer for the Lord's sake... it is my job to be nosy and uncover and discover the light and shade on the road to resolution... it is just in some people the dark side lies beneath and surface, nestled in their ego which they are only too happy to share! The motto? Builders beware... so the third team was sent in to clear up and clear off, eventually resulting in a full refund and a bathroom that was usable and finished to a high standard; true eleven months later than promised but none-the-less vacated and finished.

So what good has come out of this fluff and stuff? Plans for a 2012 Calendar with artsy friends called 'Water Babies', which will not only help to promote artists around the local area, but will raise some funds for a clean water charity too. It is all to do with the Ying and Yang of life...

My two film script competitions have been well and truly launched, having been endorsed by the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook under the competitions listings, I am revisiting my cookbook and knocking it into shape for submission to an agent and after attending the London Screenwriters' Festival in October, I am also totally rewriting one of my rom-coms. So all in all the events and projects I can control have taken a turn for the better, or worked their way nearer to some kind of resolution.

Christmas is here and I have managed to find time to revisit my blog... The only temporary annoyance is that my new phone does not want to upload my images, so photo's will follow at some stage. I am also thinking of totally revamping the look and appeal and maybe even the purpose of the blog, but for that I need more time to set aside.

So for the moment, I wish you all a very happy, healthy and blessed Seasonal break and good fortune in 2011.

From Foxi with love...

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