Friday, 2 January 2009

The Remnants of Seasonality

Whilst the remnants of Christmas and New Year sit patiently in the fridge awaiting a corporate decision on their fate, I find I am already planning January's menu.  One of the disadvantages of being a foodie is that it is integral to ones existence.  My downfalls, fabulous breads, cheeeeeze, cream, eggs, ice cream and champagne, although not necessarily on the same plate at the same time... although, hey. 

Considering I have started the New Year in 'woman on a mission' mode, I am determined to match the success of 2008, by losing at least another one and a half stone.  Since the beginning of 2008 I have dropped two frock sizes and the weight remains stable, even over the festive period traditionally known for it's bout of over-indulgence.  Whilst the chocolates, peanuts and snacks passed from hand to mouth around the room, I resisted the temptation with remarkable ease.  If it had a calorie and it didn't float my boat, I left it alone - as in life!

For 2009 I intend to cook to portion control standards, leaving no opportunity to pick like a buzzard over the remnants of a former meal.  However, the challenge this year will be cooking without calories... Oh joy I can't wait.  All no calorie menu suggestions will be gratefully received and anyone who knows how I can cook a tasty mushroom stroganoff without using one dozen eggs and a gallon of cream (OK I know eggs aren't present in a mushstrog, but allow me some poetic licence) please help me out here.  Fortunately, I adore all fresh veg (with the exception of sprouts - I ate my obligatory two at Christmas, mirroring Dawn French in the Vicar of Dibley when she was on her one hundredth) I can also confirm my other favourites are copious amounts of  fruit, salads and fish; what I cannot do with a Watermelon isn't worth doing!  My problem has always been volume.  The reduced plate size and the discipline of no seconds of anything with a calorie in it seem to have worked, albeit slowly but at least it does work, so my next mission is to focus on portion control along with a no grazing policy in between meals.

Chicken and Ginger soup
Add to a pan, but do not brown:
A quarter of an onion finely diced and gently coated in a teaspoon of olive oil
A teaspoon of peeled and crushed fresh ginger and garlic (add to the onions to mingle and meld)
Using a scissors, snip your way down a whole spring onion and add to the mix in the pan 
Add half a pint of good quality homemade chicken stock (left to go cold, fat removed - it should be like jelly)
When the soup has been boiling for around 5 minutes, add a dessertspoon of uncooked mini soup noodle strands (Kosher deli's usually have an excellent selection of interesting shapes - alternatively you can break up a very small bundle of Chinese egg noodles)
Cook until the pasta/egg noodle is tender
Season with celery salt and pepper and Devour!

This soup has a clean, fresh taste. 
Optional before you start the recipe: for those who love a suggestion of aniseed, you can fry off a couple of star anise in the oil, discard. then commence the recipe above.  

As it is Friday today, I will be cleaning my fridge and discarding anything with, an out of, or in date calorie in it, before commencing my other New Years resolution of getting down to my writing.  I have two articles pending, an interview brief, tick sheet and score matrix for the Arts Development Unit for their 'Flourish' project, then I can continue to edit another one of my rom-com scripts before sending it off to my new best friend producer.  Later on today, I need to go shopping as mid-day tomorrow is the gathering of friends and family at my beach hut, for a healthy walk, hot soup and organic sausage tasting.

My wish for 2009 is that my friends and contacts have most of their dreams come true, not all, as otherwise what goals would there be for 2010?
Love and Hugs from Foxi Rosie


Kristen In London said...

I hear you, Rosie. Tonight, our first night back in London after American holiday festivities, we felt like something light and spicy: try shredded pork fillet tossed with fresh garlic and ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil. Then slice red peppers, get a bag of bean sprouts (not the Dawn French sort!). Saute the peppers and sprouts till tender, then set aside and saute the pork till cooked through. Toss all together and sprinkle with chilli flakes and toasted pine nuts. Go on, you'll love it!

Foxi Rosie said...

Sounds divine... shopping tomorrow then for the ingredients... Welcome home...

Kristen In London said...

thanks... now if I could only get a chance to blog! Life's been too crazy. But back in the saddle next week.