Saturday, 3 January 2009

A glorious day like today

The sense of contentment runneth wild...

Some days hang in the ether of time, made pure by the cleansing of certain people, certain locations and the uniquely special, yet simple events... These are the stuff of substance that set aside the ephemeral happenings of the ordinary and move them into the extra ordinary star log of tomorrow...

Today was one of those.  Armed with a vat of homemade minestrone soup, an array of award winning sausages, caramelised fried onions, along with every type of mustard known to man and more importantly a gathering of special people assembled in a hut on the beach, ensured a special fingerprint of memory was made and logged into an album of an old bird's scrapbook of tomorrows rememberings.  To start the New Year blessed with this opportunity for me to be amongst good friends, is indeed a privilege I do not take lightly.

Rosie's Minestrone Soup
makes approx. 3 pints serves 8/10 people
(Bung into a pan in the following order; lightly fry, but do not colour the following:)
 Add Two sliced and diced baby garlic globes fried off in two tablespoons of olive  oil
 Add one finely diced whole onion
 Add six shafts of sliced celery, hand shredded to the texture of feathers
Add three finely diced carrots
Add approximately four rashers of finely diced pancetta
Add two whole snipped spring onions to the size of fine mini ribbons
Add one Tin of rinsed Cannelli Beans
Add oneTin of rinsed Flagoulet beans
Add half a tea cup full of finely shredded white cabbage
Add two  tins of diced Italian plum tomatoes plus two freshly chopped tomatoes
Add two teaspoons of white sugar
Add two pints of good quality chicken or vegetable stock
Add Malvern Salt and black pepper to taste
Season to taste with the following, or be adventurous with your own flavours
Add either fresh Oregano or dried oregano herbs (I like around 1 tablespoon fresh or 2 teaspoons of dried)
Add one teaspoon of Knorr Aromat seasoning:
To Serve: One ounce of Parmesan or strong salty cheddar cheese/garlic croutons/a variety of artisan breads.

HINT:  For extra flavour - if it is a non-vegetarian dish - add approximately one tablespoon of diced Anchovies

Boil and keep separate approximately a teacupful of fine egg soup noodles (a dessertspoon to be added into the soup bowl on serving).

This soup is so full of taste everyone will be left wanting more.

For me the whole day was full of life's riches, friends, family and a sense of well being.  Laughter, a sense of sharing and spending time with the people in our lives who matter to us.  This will be the first of hopefully many such occasions this year... otherwise known as 'The Gathering'... great title for a book or a film...
Peace, love and hugs,
from Foxi Rosie.

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Kristen In London said...

Foxi Rosie, what a glorious time you have had. Isn't it wonderful when just one moment during a holiday brings all the elements of joy together: makes the rest of the year worthwhile. I would have loved to join you! The recipe looks amazing and I am a huge fan of anything containing beans, so I shall definitely make it soon. Happy New Year, and how lucky your friends were to be gathered around you. See you soon in 2009, I hope!