Sunday, 12 April 2009

It is official

It is now official... the decision has been made that the Jones's address will remain so for some time yet.

Armed with wine and chocolates, I broke the news to the estate agent on Saturday, the house is no longer for sale.  I've searched, cogitated, deliberated, enthused and in total watched four potential properties sell after being on the market for nearly a year, and with the offer currently on the table, the numbers just don't stack up.  So what have I been doing this weekend? Decorating. Sanding, scrubbing, stripping, mowing the lawns and managing to make a baked egg custard, rice pudding and a pavlova.  I don't mind telling you I'm bloomin cream crackered. At least though I can press on and instead of spring cleaning I'm making ground towards adding finishing touches.  If I spend most of this year concentrating on three things, the house and garden, Sequel to Prequel and the script competition and trying to enter the Bridport prize, then I will feel I have achieved something and maybe next year I can just sit and do nothing else but write, although I am writing daily, it is in snatches as the opportunities present themselves, so there is no routine.  Well four actually, on account of the new business venture which will become apparent soon.  

I take my hat off to Danny Stack who is about to launch into producing and directing his own film teaser next week... I am not worthy.  Good on you Stackmeister.  So folks, South Bank Show and then bed for me.  Happy Easter to one and all, although why we say Happy I'll never know.
Rosie with love and blessings....xxxxxxxxxxx

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Kristen In London said...

I feel quite happy the house will remain yours for the time being... sentiment over practicality, I would have thought, but then you you've done the sums and perhaps practicality wins too. Can't wait to hear about your new venture. Happy Easter (odd, yes, but I say ti!).