Sunday, 26 April 2009

Are we nearly there yet?

This is it... This is where eleven food fanatics will be congregating for four days and three nights of mayhem and madness, talking about, tasting, obsessing about food, life and love; otherwise known as 'Gathering Nuts in May'.  There better be a whole lot of laughing too and whilst I appreciate this isn't a film script so you can't force anything to happen that doesn't feel right, actually the same can apply to a film script too.

Writing, like life, has to be organic, it has to follow the rise and fall of the ebb tide in order for it to feel right.  A few shocks along the way is a good thing because this is what makes things memorable, but here's hoping the shocks or surprises aren't harmful, they might threaten, they might put at risk, they may form barriers to success but at the end of the day it needs to feel right.  Wanting to spend four days and three nights with a bunch of people I only spent four days and five nights with the first time around, is quite surprising.  At the risk of sounding sentimental and I may change my viewpoint the week after next, but every single person has wonderful qualities that just make you want to be around them.

Sam has already booked himself into my guest room for some of the summer and I am hoping that a few of the others may want to catch up at some point, but I am hoping that this won't be IT, a flash in the pan, that in years to come we might all still be sharing a small fraction of our lives with each other again.

I find myself waiting for Friday to escape to collect Sam, Kristen and Crab Tart from Bath and expect there will be more than a few 'Are we nearly there yet' moments as we head just beyond the other side of Hereford just short of Ludlow.  

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Kristen In London said...

oh, I have no doubt, and I am rarely (!) wrong about these things, that our sense of friendship will prove unassailable and that we will only wish the weekend could be longer! Can't wait for it, Foxi.