Thursday, 26 February 2009


One of the hardest words to put into practice.

Why is it some days I can be incredibly disciplined and other days it totally alludes me?  Is it to do with my bio-rhythms, moon phases or inner clock cycle; the recent programme on the inner clock was fascinating and although I learned a lot about the theory of the body clock like the most productive times of the day, applying it with any degree of success is an entirely different matter. Still, I press on fighting against the desire to just get out and have fun and fresh air.  It is the dormant sportswomen in me fighting to rise to the surface. 

In an attempt to retain some degree of discipline, knowing I have a mountain of things I need to tackle, I am going to take a leaf out of Brian Keaney's book and plan to walk one mile at a time until I get there.  So for today anyway I will make a start, Rosie over and out.

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Kristen In London said...

Most intriguing, Rosie: I completely empathise with you. Some days I wake up knowing I will be productive, and no amount of distraction can deter me. Other days feel quite pointless, and no opportunity to accomplish anything works. Other days I give the title "Days of Reasonless Anxiety," and then it's just miserable.

I have yet to chart this to anything. I'd love to hear more about the inner clock idea. Hormonal, diet, weather, sun position? It could be anything. But the pattern, if there is one, seems totally separate from any deliberate strategy on my part. Grr! I agree, go with the flow. Some days will make other days worthwhile.